Thursday, December 2, 2010

Golden Ghost

Here's a true little story about the picture below that I'm posting:
     On our way to find a particular State Park to go hiking, my partner and I found ourselves lost. Past a plowed sugar cane field I noticed a beautiful old church, and behind it is a rather charmingly battered graveyard. We pulled over to take some pictures. Being a true lover of all things paranormal, I borrowed the camera from my partner to try and capture anything interesting. I was completely shocked by what happened next.
     I was looking through the digital camera's screen (which is fairly large) and a strange golden blob was traveling horizontal across it from the left of the screen to the right, it was moving slowly (I was standing still), and because I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I looked up and could not see it with the naked eye. Panicked, I was unable to do anything except follow it for a few seconds until my brain told me where the button was to snap the picture--forget taking a video--I was completely dumbfounded. Unfortunately, most people will notice the light coming down from the trees--that was clearly visible to the naked eye--and not moving. The gold blob did in fact appear well away from that light source--I was just too stunned to take the picture during that time. Another note is that the the gold blog was much more vivid and solid when it first appeared--and it seemed as if there were things rotating inside it, mechanical like.
    What it is I will never truly know, but it was definitely something supernatural. A few of my friends would like to go back to the cemetery for ghost hunting, and I would too, I can't wait to catch an EVP, and this time, use the video!


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