Saturday, November 19, 2011


Sorry all my vegetarian friends out there, but this post is not for you. Have you ever wondered what a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken would taste like? It’s the best darn carnivorous masterpiece you will ever taste in your whole lifetime! Roasty, succulent dark and white meat from the three different fowl make it the richest offering to adorn any thanksgiving feast.
            I’m a huge fan of traveling cooking/eating shows, and when I lived on the west coast I watched one featuring this most exotic of savory beasts called the turducken, but never thought I would get to eat one. Low and behold, not a year later and I find myself in the south. I had long forgotten about the turducken, as life gets busy, and was completely taken by surprise when my partner brought one home for me to serve as the main treat.
            Now let me tell you, it was a bit overwhelming—turduckens are huge, and heavy! Where would I find a pan worthy enough to cook it in? And how the heck do you cut it once it’s cooked? Thankfully it was pre-stuffed or I would have lobbed it at a passing car in frustration. I admit my intimidation. It glared at me, while I glared at it. Gross. But the meat would be sooooo juicy! I made my peace with the turducken as I devoured its meaty goodness.
            You can too by ordering a turducken online. And here is where it came from: Hebert’s Specialty Meats (, it’s a bit spendy but once the meat is in your mouth it’s worth every cent! And I guarantee you will be the envy of every thanksgiving family member for years to come!  Make sure to scroll down to my collards post, because nothing beats a great pairing like a turducken and collard greens!
            To get your turducken just right, slit the skin and rub bacon fat and butter mixed with salt and pepper under the skin on the meat, massage the yummy beast, it deserves it after the feast it will give you! I cooked it breast side down first so all the meat would be simmering in its own juices. Toward the end, I flip it back to breasts up (it takes two people to flip it) and let it get nice and crispy golden.
            Eat, drink, and then pass out from the meat baby brewing in your tummy! Happy Thanksgiving!

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