Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Curio Emporium's Endless Wonders!

Ever wonder where you can find a Pipistrellus Javanicus, or perhaps you’re missing that perfectly delicious antique quack White Cross Electric Vibrator? Wonder not ye wayfarers of the curiously exotic, for The Curio Emporium has all your darkest gadgetry desires located under one roof in the steel jungles of the Los Angeles area—to be exact: 1020 Fair Oaks, South Pasadena, CA 91030. So, mark it on your maps and get thee to the emporium!
     Furthermore Ladies and Gentleman, Co-owner Jenna Macabre is here today to give you the inside scoop on how she came about such odd treasures from around the globe, and what shadowy endeavors she and Dave Constantine have ‘in store’ for the future:

NS: Welcome to Wandering Hallows Night Jenna, I’m quite sure all my time traveling cohorts are thrilled to learn more about you and your curiosities. My first question is what I like to ask of all my guests: We are dying to know what kind of ‘macabre’ little chitlin’ you were? Obviously, you must have started at an early age as a lover of taxidermy?

Jenna: I have always been fascinated with the Macabre. Growing up I would watch a day’s worth of Tales From The Crypt, The Munsters, Bewitched.. etc etc.  I was always so fascinated with the interior of the Munsters home- I always wanted to live in it; cobwebs & all- Can't forget The Tim Burton Films. Of course when it came to Halloween Time, I was ready to help my parents decorate with staple gun in hand! And I cannot forget how interested I would get when going to the local county museum and seeing all the old medical equipment, taxidermy birds & bears, along with the exciting stories that went along with the exhibits.

NS: On this note, tell us more about your artwork that can be found at The Curio Emporium.

Jenna: From all these images stuck in my head from childhood, my inspiration has definitely developed a uniqueness of its own. I create things that I love, things that I myself would buy. Using my fascination with the Victorian era & taxidermy I like to let my mind drift, letting my hands do the work. My Creations become however they turn out. I never truly plan out what it is I am going to make. In short, I like to make creations that one can wear, or displays well on a wall or mantel.

NS: Someone as talented as yourself must have an inspiration, would you care to indulge who, what, and why?

Jenna: Why thank you! I am inspired by everything around me! Candles, old books, a nice breeze, music. Of course I love to work off of history research, past memories, concepts of the occult and so on. I find it interesting that those that fall in love with my work are often not in tune with the past & history. So when they see something of mine, which is based off a concept from 100 years ago, they are astonished, because to them it is something new. In this sense, I feel happy to know that I am keeping the past ALIVE .

NS: I believe it’s safe in saying you’ve accomplished a dream, how did it all come about?

Jenna: My Love (David Constantine) & I share a likeness of minds. In many of our journeys we could never find the shop we dreamed about & on top of it all unique items in our price range. After years of it  ‘just being a dream' we began to get serious about it—saving money, searching for a location, understanding the logistics & working hard for several months with the design of the shop & merchandise inventory. And now, here you go ~ a custom made time travel machine. :)

NS: In your words, how would you describe your store to someone who doesn’t know much about steampunk, or the types of curiosities therein?

Jenna: Think back to a time when a room was lit by candle, when movie cinema going was an occasion to dress your best for, when medical attention was nothing more than some alcohol and sterilized scalpel. A time when all men wore hats & women in corsets, inventions were at their peak & the newest book was all the rage.
     The Curio Emporium takes you back to memories of your great grandparents long since past. We are viewed as a Museum in which you can walk away with a shopping bag, and money still left in your bank. Our shop in a nutshell—Come travel back in time with us!
 NS: As a fellow time-traveler, on one of your sojourns to the past (or future) who was your favorite person of interest you met, or partied frivolously with?

Jenna: ... hmmm... I would have to say Houdini!

NS: Where online can we find you, and are there any events The Curio Emporium will be attending?
Jenna: You can find us 'The Curio Emporium' on Facebook of course, as well as our website which has the link to our Ebay shop for those of
you not local, or just too lazy to leave the house :)
     You can also visit our shop at 1020 Fair Oaks Ave., South Pasadena, CA 91030 ( directly across from the old Rialto theatre)
     Our next event is Sat. Dec. 18th ' CURIO BEFORE CHRISTMAS' 3-8pm. food truck, puppet show, artists, ice cream, FREE.

NS: What wonderfully whimsical brassy bits do you and Dave have planned for the future of The Curio Emporium?

Jenna: ... expanding—same shop, more great finds. Stay Tuned!

NS: Fantastical meeting you Jenna! I can’t wait to visit the emporium myself when I’m back in California. Any last parting advice or curious crumbs you would like to leave our readers with?

Jenna: If you ever have an idea, a dream, a wish—Make It Happen! You are the only one who will ever truly stop yourself from anything it is you want to do in life!
     It was Great to meet you too! Thank you for having me!
Remember my friends—Christmas is just around the corner, and what better gift to give than The Curio Emporium’s wonders of worlds past, and futures yet imagined!

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