Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hashing an Alien

Sometimes, I have one of those mornings when I wake up ravenous. Really, it sounds like I’ve been abducted in the night and by morning my stomach is ready to hatch an alien.
            And so, since this overcast yet slightly muggy morning has me itching to make a feast, I give you one of my favorite recipes: Corned-Beef Hash!

One package of uncooked cured beef with corned spice packet: Make this the night before as it takes a number of hours to cook a corned beef hash—and make sure you cook it with some cabbage in the pot to give it extra flavor! Just follow the package instructions (it’s really simple) and then add the cabbage to the pot and let it cook.

In the morning when you’re ready for your hash do this: use a food processor to grind up about a full two cups of the hashed beef, then set aside.

Chop up the following:
1/3 cup sweet yellow onion
¼ cup green bell pepper
¼ cup red bell pepper
½ cup cabbage (not the cabbage you cooked in the pot the previous night, but fresh uncooked cabbage)
¾ red potatoes (cut into small squares)
3 tablespoons oil (as needed to crisp and prevent sticking of your hash)
Salt and pepper added to your liking

Throw all of the above plus your two cups of hash into a skillet and crisp ‘til nice and brown. Serve over thinly sliced toasted bread and add an over easy egg. I guarantee your alien will settle back down from the depths of the bowels it grumbled its way from and both of you will go back to sleep in a warm and comfortable food coma!

Happy Feastings!

Nishi Serrano
“Creating fantastic worlds imaginative enough to hold the unexplored”

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Anonymous said...

TARDIS MUG! And I must try the hash! Ah, the food that is...