Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Fever


From under spring’s kirtle verdure have sown
The dewy seeds cradle is ready and grown
Alight did the bee on pistol and bower
Relinquishing frost maiden’s grip on the flower

Beware you gents, the madness spring holds
And ladies circled with a ring of gold
For the cuckoo know of the secrets you keep
When at last the Sheppard is away from his sheep

All is bursting and drinking sun’s shine
Insuring vine’s shade is ready to wine
No longer will the shadows be lost here in time
And the birds enkindled sing a song so fine

One bemused to shower me with a wondrous fever-tide!
                                                                                                           by Nishi Serrano

Here we are, the spring before the fall, or so the doomsayers say. Do I really believe this will be our last year upon the beauty that is our planet? Well, heck-no!

Doomsayers take note:  Why so eager for the end, when we should be starting a new beginning?

And, this is the time of year ripe for the changes our planet needs. We should be embracing a big ol’ helping of love, feed that negativity to the flames of summer, and for this moment just be happy you are alive and have the means to change.  

I mean, look at all the magical things our planet  gives us … food, sunshine, water, and a body to enjoy it all.

What are you waiting for … get outside and enjoy the awe inspiring madness of nature’s moments!

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