Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grimm and Twilight

As most of my friends know, I’m moving to Oregon (where I’ve called home before, and met my partner). On the way, I’ve taken a few side trips to Arizona and California (to visit family). Some of the places I’ve traveled through I’ll be posting more about on my new blog ‘The Victual Vixen’.      Now, I’m not a huge fan of ‘Twilight’, but I know a lot of my friends are, and many more are fans of the TV series ‘Grimm’. And so, recently, while looking for places to call home, I made a little jaunt to a couple of areas where Grimm and Twilight were filmed.  I must admit, the forest spots where they filmed Twilight are gorgeous, and the camera just doesn’t do them justice.  But here they are for you to enjoy:

Just heard today that this viewing deck and elevator in Oregon City was the recent site for a scene in Grimm ...

This is a photo of the ‘Grimm’ bridge used in one of the episodes—can you guess which one? In the back ground you can see another of the bridges (the green one) used regularly on Grimm ...

Here is where the police were checking out a dead body on the show by the same bridge:

Behind Stone Cliff Restaurant is where they filmed a number of the Twilight scenes. I believe this is a popular rock climbing spot for experienced climbers.

There were multiple signs with details of the scene, here is one:

Now here is the tree limb (not sure if it is the actual one, but it looks like it--look at the bottom of it):

And what fan doesn’t remember the sparkle boy scene:

Well, here are more random photos I took of the Twilight scene area:

Hope you all enjoyed a wandering in the woods … Oh, who’s that hiding behind a rock … Hey, I thought only vampires came to this spot—not Lausenschlange!


Who Is Afraid Of Miss Lovett? No, Mrs.Lovett... said...

Hi! Nishi Serrano...
A lot Of great info [rmation] shared here:
Great photographs [Of "Twilight" and "Grimm" location shoots] and Thanks, for the introduction to the show "Grimm" and the word lausenschlange...too!

deedeegt :-D

Anonymous said...

Lausenschlange is suddenly BEHIND Nishi, then in FRONT of her, then MOVING SO FAST HE IS ONLY A BLUR--Voom! Loved these pics, love the green-spaces of Washington and Oregon, both. Nice post, hope you're getting settled in a bit more in Portlandia. :)