Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Mile Below Resort Under The Sea!

If there were ever a story I’ve had more fun writing, it’s ‘Mile Below Peep Show’. The above picture is a fun interpretation of two characters in MBPS, the peacock twins. I really stretched my imagination on this one, as there are no underwater resorts of this scale anywhere in the world, unless you count The Poseidon Resort, which is still under construction (in the real world). Anyway, I had no idea it existed while I was writing MBPS. So, you see, there are quite a few treats waiting for you under the waves in this labyrinthine luxury of erotic steampunk adventure. And there will be more to come. I’m currently working on the third installment of the ‘Mile’ series, and the third book will be a novel, and it’s going to be one brassy adventure!

            You’re summer vacation doesn’t have to end. Pick up your e-book copy of Mile Below Peep Show and explore a world unrestrained by the walking world, and dive right in to what awaits: Delicious mermen, exotic peep shows, cocktails, a lusty labyrinth, and all manner of sexual follies wind themselves into a mouth watering novella that is sure to put a blush on your cheek.


Nishi Serrano

“Creating fantastic worlds imaginative enough to hold the unexplored…”

 MBPS Blurb:

Lady Rose fears her best friend Abigail Bertram is growing lonely and embittered by her life as heir and sole proprietor to her family’s business. After experiencing the pleasures and induction to the Mile High Airship Club, Rose and her husband William devise a plan to hopefully cure their friend of her prim ways and introduce her to a new, freer world, of carnal desires.
Taking Abby on their special vacation, the three friends embark on a steampunk carnival soiree under the sea brimming with mermaids, a cast of lusty characters, and of course—exotic peep-shows!
Will their adventure open Abby’s eyes to what she’s been missing, or will her heart stay chained to business as usual?
However, a surprise none of them intended shows up to test Abby’s brass, and possibly melt her heart.

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La Crimson Femme said...

Poseidon resort is actually open for business. My spouse and I were looking at it several months ago but didn't have the money for it. It's on our list of things we'd love to do. We've already gone diving in Fiji and would love to go back there. $30,000 is a lot of money. That's not including airfare! It's a long flight too. Miserable last time we went.

Nishi Serrano said...

Geesh, yes 30,000 is uber expensive! I hear the diving in Fiji is amazing. Diving is something I've always wanted to do, 'specially since one of my best girlfriends and my boyfriend both dive. After writing MBPS and then finding out about the Poseidon resort, I really would love to go and check it out, probably not in this lifetime though. Have fun in your travels!
Cheers ...

Tina B said...

This sounds interesting! I love the picture! Thank you for chance to read one of your stories, Nishi. :)
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