Friday, January 4, 2013


When I was a child, I knew this particular year marked a great change in my life. For the rest of my years I wondered what it was about this year that would be different. The interesting thing is the changes started right away, and they were sudden. To talk about it would defeat the purpose of why these lessons are brought to me, they are for my inner self to hold and puzzle over until the light goes on and I discover things about myself that will help with a renewel: a new year, a new path, a new outlook, a new strength.

For the first half of this year, I am going to choose not to be online much. This is going to give me time to rethink and restrategize my future plan, and to adventure in the real world. This will help give me time to write solidly again. The posts on my blog will be less frequent. I will finish 'The Bilge', and after that, there will be no more free short stories, only interviews and commentaries on places and things experienced.

I know I will lose some of my favorite blog followers because of this, but good things come to those who wait, and there are many stories to tell.

Cheers to the new year and all it will bring you ...

Nishi Serrano
'Creating fantastic worlds imaginative enought to hold the unexplored...'

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