Monday, September 9, 2013

Adam Ant

In this post I’m going to date myself. No, not take myself on a date and make sweet, delicious love, but by showing my appreciation (an fangirldom) of this particular artist: Adam Ant

Yep, I bought my first AA album at thirteen, he was strutting his stuff on MTV (when MTV actually played real life rock star videos), and making girls swoon with his uber liberal sexuality. With a style of a cross between pirate, Napoleonic general, and Native American, I think most people didn’t quite know what to make of him. His roots began in the late 70’s punk rock era in the UK as bass guitarist of Bazooka Joe. He split from them with the decision to forge his own iconic brand of music. He succeeded.

                Let me take a step back, you ask me why I’m expounding on the creamy virtues of AA? Because last night I attended his concert—and it freakin’ ROCKED! After years of manic depression, 59 year old AA has cleaned himself up nicely, and is as good live as I remember.

                My friend mentioned something funny. She said: “I wonder what is going through his head as he looks out at the crowd. When he was young, it was thousands of young, scantily clad girls vying for the stage. Now, he looks out and it’s hundreds of old, scantily clad women vying for the stage.” I had to laugh, because glancing around at the crowd, it was true. There were a lot of older people, my generation in fact, but hot damn, I still look good!

                If you are unfortunate enough not to know who Adam Ant is—and you should, because he is an 80’s Icon, then here are some links:

Youtube Videos:

Stand and Deliver:

Prince Charming Revue:

In the concert line-up, he played quite a number of his more punk sounding songs from back in the day and more of his new stuff too. He also sang the song: Wonderful, his sort of only love song dedicated to the actress Heather Graham, who he dated for a brief time.

Here are a bit more tasty tid-bits about AA:
In college, he was anorexic. He is an actor as well as a musician.  He is a supporter of the Black Dog Campaign, which promotes understanding of mental illness. He dated Jamie Lee Curtis and Heather Graham. He is an avid reader and does not own a television. His new album is titled:

Adam Ant is the Blueblack Hussar and is Marrying the Gunner’s Daughter

The title is a metaphor for how he believes artists are being treated by the music industry: as sailors tied to a ship’s cannon and flogged.

                Adam Ant co-wrote a song with Georgina Baillee titled Rubber Medusa that is about Russell Brand.

                Show your Adam Ant appreciation. He is making new music and selling lots of cool shizzle. It’s how musicians make their money nowadays: they have to tour and sell merchandise. So get out there and buy some musical history, and AA will be able to continue to rock—Vive Le Rock!



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