Monday, July 9, 2012

Heat Wave

Argh, what can I say, I am not a person who does well in the heat. The sad part is where I live it isn't nearly as hot as the rest of the country, and let me tell you, I feel for them. I do not like hot weather and should have been born in Greenland, or the Hebrides. With that said, I will not be on my laptop as much, thusly, I will not be on the internet much until the end of August, at which time I come out of heat hibernation. At least this will give me time to catch up on some much needed writing. Some part of me is feeling like I'm letting my online friends down, but I really do need to get some serious writing and organizing done. I promise the fall will be spectacular and bring new freebie stories, and adventures. Just you wait and see (hint: I'm working on a few horror short stories!)!
I'll miss everyone until then. Stay cool folks and find a deep, dark cave and stock up on ice.
Cheers ...
Nishi Serrano

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